What is the new Central subscription model?

First, let's clarify a few things about the current/old model. LogMeIn Central has always been a so-called "account level" subscription, as opposed to a "host level" subscription. That is, you purchased Central to gain access to remote management features, and you had the option of buying additional host-level Pro subscriptions per computer in order to further leverage LogMeIn services. Moving forward (according to the timetable described in more detail below), this distinction between "account level" (Central) and "host level" (Pro) is going away. All host computers in your Central account will have the same feature set. You no longer choose between a host-level Pro subscription and the basic version of the host software. Instead, you choose a version of LogMeIn Central and all host computers in your account become equal. The set of remote access and management features available to you is determined by your subscription version and is consistent across all computers in your account. The new Central subscription versions are Basic (Basic Remote Access), Plus (Advanced Remote Access), and Premier (IT Automation). 


How does the new Central subscription model benefit you?

We hope you’ll agree that this change will make your life easier. With the new model, you make two simple decisions. First, you choose a version based on the features you need (Basic, Plus, or Premier). Second, you choose a tier based on the number of computers you access or manage (25, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500). Billing becomes consolidated to one date for simpler budgeting, and you only pay for the features you need.


Was I notified of this change?

Our efforts to reach out to folks began in December 2014. Additionally, all impacted customers are being informed via email and in-product notifications starting 30 days prior to their Central renewal date. Here’s what you’ll find out if you haven’t heard from us already: the product version you’ll receive at renewal, your tier, and your price (shown in-product only, after login).


When will changes start to happen? How is my version determined?

For the initial transition, starting January 13, 2015, every current Central subscriber will get either Central Basic or Central Premier. For the initial transition, we determine your version by looking at the hosts in your account. If you have only basic (Free) hosts, you’ll get Central Basic. If you have at least one Pro host, you’ll get Premier. You won’t lose any functionality. If you have at least one Pro host before the change, then all of your hosts will get “Pro” functionality on all your computers until your Central renewal date.


What happens when I renew? Can I change tier or version at renewal? 

As noted, there is an initial transition to Basic or Premier. This transitional period comes to an end when your renewal comes around. Starting 30 days prior to your Central renewal date, you will be informed of the following information via email and in-product notifications: the product version you’ll receive at renewal, your tier, and your price (shown in-product only, after login). We determine your version and tier by looking at the percentage of Pro hosts currently in your account, your total number of hosts, and your past feature usage. If our offer doesn't meet your needs, contact our team to discuss the best tier or version for your organization.


Where can I see my renewal price?

Log in to your account at least 30 days prior to renewal to see this year’s renewal price. The price appears in an information box at the top of your computer list and at Account > Subscription.


What happens if I have a Pro renewal before my Central renewal?

Any host-level Pro subscriptions that are due to renew before your Central renewal date will automatically renew. When your Central renewal date comes around, we’ll give you credit for unused portions of existing Pro subscriptions, as described below.


What about the Pro version of the host software?

Single seat host-level Pro is no longer available as part of LogMeIn’s service offerings. Advanced host features are available for all hosts in a Central Plus or Premier account, while management features are available for all hosts in a Premier account. LogMeIn Pro as an account-level subscription is still available as part of our Access product (intended for individuals and small businesses). The account-level Pro subscription does not offer basic management features available to all Central users. To put it another way, a user who needs access to computers without management features will purchase an account-level subscription to the service called LogMeIn Pro. IT professionals who need access to a larger number of computers or who need management functionality will purchase LogMeIn Central at the appropriate version and tier. 


What happens to my Pro host subscriptions upon Central renewal? 

When it comes time for your Central renewal, we will grant credit for “unused” portions of host-level Pro subscriptions. You paid for these host-level subscriptions, so you deserve credit for them. We’re calculating that credit based on the remaining days of your current host-level Pro subscriptions. 


Where can I see my credits?

Credits can be seen under Account > Subscription. Hover your mouse over the question mark next to the Central price; a box is displayed showing a detailed breakout of your new Central price and credits.


Can I cancel my Pro host renewals after January 13, 2015?

If you would like to shift to the new Central model as soon as possible, contact our team for assistance. We’ll work to give you credit for unused Pro (as described above) and help you choose the version and tier that makes the most sense for your organization.


Can I have both Basic and Plus or Premier hosts in the same account?

Within a Central subscription, all hosts are the same. The new Central subscription model offers three versions, each with a unique set of features and functionality to meet your needs. If you need to manage different groups of computers very differently, we encourage you to create two Central accounts and purchase the version you need per account. You can extend secondary user privileges between your accounts to create a multi-tenant like experience where you can easily swap between accounts without logging out. Our team is glad to help you through this.


Can I add an individual host to my existing tier? 

Currently there is no option to pay by seat. We built the new subscription model based on feedback from customers like you, and we hope you agree that it eliminates confusion, simplifies the purchase process, and helps folks find an appropriate remote access and management toolset to meet their needs. To achieve these improvements, we eliminated single-seat host-level purchasing in favor of tier based. 


What happened to feature X, Y, or Z?

Our goal is to assign customers to Central versions based on their actual historic usage of Central and host-level Pro features. We are making every effort not to remove any feature or functionality that you are actually using. If you feel you are missing a certain feature, please contact our team for assistance and we’ll find a solution!