What is the LogMeIn Client?






The LogMeIn Client makes it possible for you to access LogMeIn host computers in your account.  
Formerly known as LogMeIn Ignition, the LogMeIn Client desktop app is included when you download the LogMeIn host software, or you can download it when making a remote connection to a computer in your account. U se the Client app to q uickly connect to your remote computers  without a web browser . The Client app also makes it easy to securely and automatically log in using locally stored and encrypted passwords.

Remember that "client" is also the term used for any device you use to access your computers. For example, your iOS or Android phone or tablet can be a client device. The iOS app or Android app is the technology you need to turn your device into a client device.
  • Mac users: You may see two instances of the LogMeIn Client running on your Mac. If you experience this, please contact our User Services team for assistance. 
  • If you are asked to download the Client anew for each session, read this article: Why am I prompted repeatedly to install the LogMeIn Client app?
  • Tips for Firefox users. When starting a remote session, Firefox may display a “Launch Application” dialog. Please simply enable “Remember my choice for logmein links”, and click OK, without browsing for an application. The entry selected by default should simply work (“LogMeIn Client Application” or “Launch LogMeIn Client”) .



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