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    • Operator Guidance
      • Working with messages
      • BoldChat Builds Better Customer Engagement  (02:19)

        Description: See how BoldChat helps companies elevate the conversation with better customer engagement, differentiating themselves and driving better business outcomes. For more information, visit:

      • Chat with customers
      • Working with contacts
      • Working with tickets
      • Control a customer's computer
      • Monitor visitors
      • Web Workspace
    • Admin Guidance
      • Build your organization
      • GeoFluent for BoldChat  (01:12)

      • Department setup
      • Chat setup
      • BoldChat's Live Chat Salesforce Integration  (03:45)

        BoldChat's Salesforce integration package automatically sends live chat data into your Salesforce instance.

      • Chat window customization
      • Chat Recovery Chat Recapture - BoldChat Sale Recovery Technology  (01:41)

        There are three Sale Recovery functions, all aimed at maximizing every engagement opportunity your website generates: chat recovery, chat recapture, and the visitor chat status indicator.

      • Chat invitations
      • BoldChat-Rescue Integration  (02:35)

        This video shows BoldChat's integration with Rescue, which allows helpdesk and customer service agents to seamlessly transition from a chat to a remote support session. From the agent's perspective, the Rescue support session can be easily initiated via the BoldChat client interface — no additional steps are necessary, so issues can be resolved quickly. From the customer's perspective, the support session is facilitated directly through the chat window, providing a consistent experience in one channel.

      • Messaging setup
      • Email Management Tool in BoldChat  (02:18)

        This video illustrates the Email Management feature within BoldChat, which allows email to be routed, escalated and treated like work tickets for easy followup.

      • Security
      • Working with reports