Visit Reports

Name Availability Notes
Visit Summary Pro This report shows the total number of visitors, the number of new and repeat visitors, the average time visitors spent on site, the total and average number of visitor page views, and the average time per page. The report also includes information about the performance of proactive invites including the total number of invitations sent, number declined and ignore, and the average acceptance rate including a 95% confidence interval. The report can be grouped and filtered in numerous ways to provide different perspectives on the data. A very useful grouping is by "custom invite" which will allow an analysis (again within a 95% confidence interval) on the best performing proactive invitations.
Invite Summary Pro This report, grouped only by proactive invitation rule, shows the number of times the invitation was offered, accepted, declined and ignored. Percentages are included as well.
Visit Chat Interactions Premiere, Enterprise This report shows the visit data associated with visits which also had a chat interaction. The report provides the total number of chats (grouped in one of a variety of ways) and then the number of those chats associated with either a new or return visit. Also included are the average time the chat visitors spent on site, the average and total number of page views they had, the number of the chats occurring from invitations, and the average chat message count and duration.

Any Rule with no chats on visits does not display on the report. Only the top 100 Keywords with the most visits are shown.

Visit Keyword Summary For a given date range, this report contains the list of top search engine keywords used by visitors to arrive on your website.