How to use auto-translation during chats

Chat with visitors even when you don't share the same language. Messages are auto-translated in real time, if the language pair is available.

Important: To chat with visitors in their native language, your administrator needs to ensure the following:

Are visitors aware that messages are being auto-translated?

Visitors are notified in a system chat message when you are not chatting in the same language. Click here to see how translated messages appear for visitors.

What language should I use?

The language you are expected to use for outgoing messages is indicated at the bottom left of the Chat tab (“You are expected to type in X”). To chat in a different language, you must disable auto-translation before typing. Otherwise BoldChat will attempt to translate your conversation.

How can I change the visitor language?

Click Translate > Set Language... and adjust the preferred language.
Note: The expected visitor language is determined by the chat window's language setting or the language the visitor selected on the pre-chat form.

How can I preview or edit my auto-translated message?

Click Preview in [language] to preview the message. To edit and format the translated message before sending, click Edit Preview.

How can I switch auto-translation on or off?

Click Translate > Enable Auto-translation to switch real time translation on or off.

I speak the visitor's language, but messages are being auto-translated anyway.

Contact your administrator to update the list of languages you speak.

Important: If you want to chat with a visitor in their native language, remember to switch auto-translation off first. Otherwise BoldChat will attempt to translate your conversation even though you are using the same language.

How can I prevent certain phrases or words from being translated?

Click to mark the selected text of your message as not translatable.

Tip: You can also use do not translate formatting in canned messages.

Can I assign an auto-translated chat to another operator?

Yes. Once the chat is reassigned, the operator language is adjusted by the new operator's settings.

What happens if a language pair is unavailable?

If you neither share a common language with the visitor nor any of your language pairs are supported by auto-translate, you and the visitor may not be able to understand each other. Contact your administrator to address the issue.