How to set up Ticket automatic distribution

Automatic Ticket Distribution allows you to automatically and intelligently distribute assignment of new tickets to your operators.

Important: Before you continue, make sure you have set up BoldChat to manage tickets.
  1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Automatic Distribution > Automatic Ticket Distribution Setup. The Automatic Ticket Distribution Setup window is displayed .
  2. Select Enable automatic distribution. This activates ACD at the account level.
  3. Select options:
    Option Description
    Reassign if not accepted in X minutes When selected, tickets are reassigned to another operator when the originally assigned operator does not accept within the specified period of time.

    An operator who fails to answer in time is set to Away status to prevent new threads from being assigned. The operator must then explicitly log back in as Available.

    Limit concurrent tickets to X When selected, the number of tickets that can be assigned to each operator is limited. When an operator reaches the limit, they are no longer assigned new tickets.

    This limit setting can be overridden at an individual operator level.

    Operators waiting for assignment When there are fewer incoming tickets than operators can handle, some operators will be waiting for an assignment. Tickets are assigned to highest ranked operators first, but you can choose an assignment method for operators of the same rank.
    To determine which waiting operator gets the next ticket, choose an assignment method:
    • Least Busy. Assign the next incoming thread to the operator who has the fewest active tickets and has waited the longest. Choose this to balance the workload between operators.
    • Most Busy. Assign threads to your busiest operators. The next incoming thread is assigned to the operator who is handling the most tickets until their limit is reached, and thereafter to the operator who has been idle for the shortest period of time. Choose this option if your operators must manage non-ticket tasks along with their ticket related work. Those who are managing tickets will stay busy with tickets, while others can stay focused on non-ticket tasks. To prevent overload on a single operator, make sure concurrent limits are set.
    • Round Robin Rotate assignment among all available operators regardless of waiting time or number of active tickets (until their concurrent limit is reached). Choose this option to balance the number of tickets assigned per operator. Lower ranked operators will only be assigned a ticket if all higher ranked operators have reached their limit.
  4. Save your changes. Settings are applied to your entire account except where overridden at the department or operator level.