How to set up Alerts

You can choose to allow operators to modify the audible and visual alerts associated with the various folders and services within the BoldChat desktop Operator Client. Operators set up their own alerts. You can not set them up centrally.

Alerts are generated by changes in the calculated Folder Statistics associated with each folder for each of BoldChat's services (Chats, Emails, etc.). Folders statistics are broken down into the various possible activities for each service. When a new activity occurs such as a receiving a new email or a new unread discussion is posted, the folder statistic changes and the alert is triggered.

From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > My Alert Setup. The My Alert Setup window is displayed. Alert action options include playing a sound, opening the desktop Operator Client application interface and bringing it to front, flashing the desktop Operator Client application system tray icon, and showing a system tray popup.