How to invite visitors to chat after a short delay

You can set BoldChat to automatically invite visitors to chat after a short delay. This does not involve rulesets, so it is relatively quick and easy to configure. This feature is known as Instant Invite Delay.

  • Only visitors to a site with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet can be invited.
  • You must insert a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet to your site to take advantage of this feature.
  • Operators must be in a Permission Group with Invite permission.
  1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > General Account Settings. The General Account Settings window is displayed.
  2. Under Instant Invite Delay, check the checkbox and set the number of seconds to wait before automatically inviting the visitor.
  3. Save your changes. Changes are applied to your site. You do not need to re-generate your HTML snippet.
After the elapsed delay, all visitors to your site will see the Instant Chat Invite set on the General Account Settings window.