How to implement A/B testing of invitations

To help determine which invitations are the most effective, you can implement A/B testing.

In this article we are assuming you have already created invitations (Custom Chat Invites) and want to see which works better.
  1. Open an Auto-Invite Ruleset from Setup > Account Setup > Invitations > Auto-Invite Rulesets.
  2. Select a rule from the Rules List and click Edit.
  3. Under Activate This Custom Chat Invite, select the two invitations you want to test.

  4. Save your changes. The selected Custom Chat Invites will be offered to visitors randomly.
  5. Later, once you have collected some data, you must generate a report that helps you see how the invitation has performed.
    1. Go to Reports > New > Visit Reports > Invite Summary.
    2. Under Grouping, make sure Rule is selected.
    3. Click Save to generate the report.

    Review the data to see how many times each invitation was served, accepted, declined, and ignored.