Zoom image in Article - non iframe solution

Implementing in the support center widget is the same.
  1. Users with older iframe solutions should add this code inside the head section:
    <script   type="text/javascript"   src=""></script> <script   type="text/javascript"   src=""></script> <script>(function(){   window.iframeHlpr = new iframeHelper(    {       showImageInModal: true,         parentURL: "< %Site.MainSiteUrl% >",        iframeBasicURL: '< % Site.Domain % >',        showImageInModal: true    }); })(); </script>
  2. Change the bold text with one of three options below:
    • showImageInModal: true
    • showselectiveImageInModal: true
    • dontshowselectiveImageInModal: true
  3. Add this code at the end of the master template just before the closing body tag: