Where to find information about Bold360 features?

If you have live agents to provide chat support for your customers, you can integrate Bold360 ai with Bold360. Bold360 provides the following features for your live agents:

  • Channel a chat to a live agent - agents can pick up the discussion where the customer requested human assistance. Bold360 agents see the full history of the customer's discussion with the bot.
  • Smart Advisor - agents can see the Bold360 ai Knowledge Base articles that are relevant to the customer's messages. Bold360 agents can edit these articles before sending them as messages to customers.
  • Suggest an article - Bold360 agents can suggest an answer to the customer as a new Knowledge Base article
  • Monitor chats - Bold360 agents can monitor all bot chats and can take over the chat whenever they see that the customer needs human assistance
  • and many more...

All these features are described in the Bold360 Help Center.