What's New in Bold360

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October 27, 2018

This maintenance release includes enhancements and fixes to the Agent Workspace.

Agent Workspace improvements

Initial customer question for queued chats in Monitor View
An Initial question column has been added to display the customer's first question on the Queued tab. Based on this information, supervisors can transfer the chat to the most suitable agent.
Monitoring email threads

You can now monitor your organization's email threads, similarly to chat sessions. To your queued, assigned, and closed email threads, do the following:

  1. Click the arrow in the-top left corner of the agent workspace above your list of sessions.
  2. Select Email from the Channels drop-down list. Emails are grouped on the Queue, Assigned to Agent and Closed tabs.

For more information, see Monitor the emails of your organization.

Set up warnings for the organization's chats and emails
In Monitor View, you can set up warnings that provide visible notifications of chats and email threads that exceed user-defined thresholds. You can set up warnings for those columns in Monitor View that display time, such as the time when the email was Created or Answered. For more information, see Monitor the chats of your organization and Monitor the emails of your organization.
Agent messages are queued during network connection errors
Previously, agents could not use the Agent Workspace when there was an issue with network connection. As of this release, a notification is displayed at the top of the Agent Workspace when the agent is disconnected from the chat session for a short period of time. While disconnected, agents can type messages to the customer and when the issue is resolved, all queued messages are sent instantly.
Note: The customer is not notified about the disconnection.
Performance improvements

Several performance improvements to the overall agent experience have been introduced when working with multiple items in the agent workspace.

Chat window improvement

Accessibility improvements in the AI-enabled chat window
  • The AI-enabled chat window now supports VoiceOver for OSX and NVDA screen readers
  • When VoiceOver for OSX or NVDA screen readers are used, the content of the chat window can be explored by pressing the TAB button
  • Both screen readers can now read pre-chat and post-chat forms, notify the customer when a new message arrives, and read persistent and quick options

Admin Center improvement

Display proactive chat invitations when using only the bot

You can display proactive chat invitations, even when only the bot is available for chat in your organization.

  1. In the Admin Center, go to Customers > Invitation Rule Sets and select an invitation rule. If you do not have rules set up then go to Customers > Invitation Settings.
  2. Select Show invitation even when agents are unavailable/offline.
  3. Save your changes.

September 1, 2018

This maintenance release includes enhancements and fixes to the Agent Workspace and reports.

Agent Workspace

When a customer chats with a bot, the customer may select an option that the bot offers, such as a product or an article. When the chat is transferred to a live agent, the selected option is displayed in a more user friendly manner in the Agent Workspace.


Addressed an issue in the Button Availability report where records were not showing up in certain cases.

August 4, 2018

This maintenance release features improvements and fixes to the Agent Workspace and the Admin Center.

Agent Workspace – New features and improvements

  • While Agents/Supervisors monitor the chatbot or chat sessions of their organizations, they can now do the following:
    • Get live preview for the selected item
    • View details of the session including previous history with that customer
    • List closed chats for a selected date or date range
    • View the content of all chat folders at once

    See Monitor the chats of your organization.

  • New audio alerts have been added to make audio feedback more prominent
  • The number of simultaneously visible work items (swimlanes) in the Agent Workspace has been increased from three to six
  • Improved text editor for composing chat, messaging, and emails including enhancements to sending URLs
  • The Bold360 user interface now refers to visitors as customers
  • Various performance improvements that make interaction between customers and agents smoother when chatting or sending emails.

Chat window improvements

  • From AI-enabled chat windows, agents can now transfer files to customers. See Activate a chat.

Admin Center – New features and improvements

  • The number of canned messages in a folder are displayed on the Canned Messages page for chats, messages, and emails.

April 6, 2018

This major release introduces Bold360 ai, which offers conversational chatbots, seamless transition between chatbots and agents, agent facing intelligent automation via the Smart Advisor, and a full suite of other self-service capabilities and analytics. In addition, Bold360 customers can monitor active and queued chats in a brand new view added to the Agent Workspace. The release includes a number of other improvements and fixes to the Agent Workspace and Admin Center.

Agent Workspace – New features and improvements

Admin Center – New features and improvements

The Bold360 ai integration provides AI-assisted help for customers and agents. For information on the integration, see Bold360 ai setup.

February 23, 2018

This maintenance release features a number of improvements and fixes to the Agent Workspace, the Admin Center, and reports.

Agent Workspace – Improvements and fixes

  • Agents can start PIN-based co-browse sessions with customers. For more information, see Start a PIN-based co-browse session.
  • Agents can start view-only co-browse sessions with customers, where agents cannot interact directly with the customer's screen, but they can see what the customer is doing. For more information, see Setting up your website for co-browse sessions.
  • Post-conversation wrap-up fields are available for SMS and Facebook messages.
  • Agents can start the next queued chat by clicking Take next queued chat in the Agent Workspace. This allows agents to start additional conversations even when their concurrent limit is reached.

Admin Center – Improvements and fixes

  • You can change the default permission group for new Bold360 users. All users created subsequently will be members of that permission group. For more information, see Set agent permissions: Assign an agent to a permission group.
  • The Website and Chat Window fields are now marked as required on the Customers > Pin Invitations page.
  • The Admin Center was unresponsive for a few seconds after you saved the details of a Facebook Messenger account.
  • Various minor fixes.

iPhone X Compatibility

  • Further updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X.
    • The positioning of layered chat window elements, such as buttons and fields, has been improved for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari
    • The overall chat experience on iPhone X devices improved


  • The description of the following reports have been updated at the BoldChat Reports site:
    • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
  • Various minor fixes.

December 1, 2017

This maintenance release features a number of improvements and fixes to the Agent Workspace, the Admin Center, and reports.

Agent Workspace – Improvements and fixes

  • For active chat items, a timer now indicates how long a customer has been waiting for a response
  • For chat items ended by the customer, agents now see a timer and icon indicating that the item has been ended and is waiting for wrap-up
  • Agent name is now displayed in chat history
  • Improved color contrast on the Agent Workspace interface

Admin Center – Improvements and fixes

  • To make it easier to assign agents to a permission group, we moved the agent's Permission Group setting to the bottom of the Agent Information tab (instead of the Login and Security tab)
  • We introduced a number of new designs for custom invitations at Customers > Custom Invitations > Parameters > Image Source > Predefined options)
  • During advanced SMS account setup, an admin can now choose a local number for customers in Italy (for a full list of countries, see Set up an SMS account (text messages))
  • On setup pages, the Save button is now anchored to the top of the screen
  • Various minor fixes

iPhone X Compatibility

  • Updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X
    • Layered chat window optimizations will automatically render for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari – no website code change required
    • If you are using the iOS or HTML SDK chat windows, you will need to download and deploy the latest versions of the SDKs into the code for your updated apps/interfaces


  • New report: Login > Peak Concurrent Login Summary – This report returns the peak number of active agents per day and is available with Bold360 Plus
  • Minor reporting fixes, including a fix that ensures consistent data for Transferred Chats across impacted reports

September 29, 2017

This major release introduces full account configuration and management in the Bold360 Admin Center.

Admin Center – New features and improvements

Bold360 admins and managers can now set up and manage their account in the Admin Center. Most features formerly available only in the BoldChat Desktop Client are now available on the web at

Admin Center release highlights:
  • Full-featured channel setup for Chat, Messaging (SMS and Facebook), and Email
  • Invitation setup
  • Login Control setup
  • Auto-Translation setup
  • Agent Workspace setup and customization
  • Find what you're looking for using the full-text search in the top-left corner of the Admin Center: "Where can I find..."
  • And much more, as documented in the Help Center
  • Available in the same 11 languages as the Agent Workspace

Agent Workspace – New features and improvements

  • Agents can now work with SMS (text) messages
  • Agents can use /slash commands to send canned messages

June 2, 2017

This is the initial general release of Bold360.

Welcome to Bold360, your one-stop-shop for chat, email, message management, remote access, and co-browse.