What is the relationship between Bold360 ai touchpoints and Bold360 chat windows?

Tip: For information about the differences between Bold360 and Bold360 ai, see What is the difference between Bold360 and Bold360 ai?.

One Bold360 account can only be integrated with one Bold360 ai account. A Bold360 ai account can escalate to more than one Bold360 accounts, but it is not recommended to do so.

A Bold360 account can have several chat windows, but one chat window can only be associated with one Bold360 ai Knowledge Base. A Bold360 chat window is similar to a Bold360 ai touchpoint configuration, which defines the behavior and appearance of a chat widget.

After integrating Bold360 with Bold360 ai, you can provide support in multiple languages as follows:

So while you can only associate one Bold360 account with one Bold360 ai account, you can display the content of all your Bold360 ai Knowledge Bases by setting up multiple Bold360 chat windows.