What is the difference between Bold360 and Bold360 ai?

Bold360 is your one-stop-shop for chat, email, message management, remote access, and co-browse. It provides communication channels between customers and support agents.

Bold360 ai (formerly known as Nanorep) enhances Bold360 by offering chatbot-enabled self-service for customers and also provides agents with the best possible answers to customer questions during chat. The chatbot handles customer queries and provides a consistent front-line customer care experience. This way, Bold360 ai delivers the best of both chatbots and agents to solve customer issues. Bold360 ai can integrate with any chat provider, not only with Bold360.

Bold360 and Bold360 ai are two different products and must be integrated to unleash the power of the AI. For information on integration, see How to integrate Bold360.

About subscriptions

As of June 2019, you cannot purchase a Bold360 ai subscription. For available options, visit