What is the best practice for phrasings and synonyms

Best practice for adding phrasings

  • Phrasings are important as the search does not rely only on the content of answers
  • Limit to around 10 phrasings per article
  • When leveraging voices to create new phrasings, clean up the voice: typos, redundant words (such as "hi"), and shorten long sentences. This will improve the appearance of phrasings in the auto-complete section.

Best practice for adding synonyms

  • Define only business-specific terms, the rest is already built into the Bold360 ai search engine
  • Define the words that you want to use across a Knowledge Base, otherwise use article-specific phrasings
  • Assign a central focal point to manage
  • If a synonym is too broad, it will negatively impact search results and it will be difficult to identify the root cause