What cookies and local storage entities are used by Bold360 ai widgets?

The following table lists all customer-side cookies used in widgets to provide reporting and analytics capabilities. Customers stay anonymous and their unique visitor IDs are only used to group customer queries in reports.

Cookie name Example value Description
bc.visitor_token 5d1ab47f-f7de-14c9-0045-b8d7c8a7c18b Unique visitor ID used on the new reporting page to group queries performed by the same visitor. The new reporting page is currently in development.
u v2,EU1,38DA82AC634C0F31 Legacy visitor ID used on the existing reporting page for the same purpose as the bc.visitor_token cookie.
35EBBB48 cv_4#t_ED43D8F69#v_1#lv_ED43D8F57#e_00000000 Legacy visitor journey tracking cookie. There is one cookie per visitor journey.
spt   This cookie is set when split testing or A/B testing is used. For more information on split testing, see What is a split test?

Bold360 ai also uses customer-side localStorage entities in Conversational widgets to provide widget state persistence. You can change it to sessionStorage with the public widget API, but the content of the storage remains the same:

Storage key Storage value Description
bc.visitor_token 5d1ab47f-f7de-14c9-0045-b8d7c8a7c18b To provide better persistence and reporting, the unique visitor token is also currently stored in the localStorage of the customer's website.
nanorep.float.conversational.product_demo.kb904641352 {"convId":"7835951554271442645","convLog":[...]} Stores widget state, including current conversation ID, chat history, active live-chat channel information and so on.