What are the ticketing integration modes?

Bold360 ai supports all e-mail forwarding integrations, which can be used across CRM and ticketing systems such as Salesforce, Kayako, or Zendesk.

Bold360 ai supports two e-mail forwarding modes:

  • Advanced: each e-mail is forwarded to the CRM with a reply address to the Bold360 ai system. When the CRM system 'replies', the answer is saved in Bold360 ai and sent to the customer by Bold360 ai.
  • Basic: each e-mail is forwarded to the CRM as if it was sent from the customer himself (with the customer's e-mail as the actual reply-to address). The CRM 'replies' directly to the customer. The CRM can 'cc' the Bold360 ai inbox in order for Bold360 ai to learn the answer.

The email forwarding integration can be set under: Admin Center > Ticketing Settings > Ticketing Basics tab and then select 3rd party integration.