What are Providers in Bold360 ai?

'Providers' in Bold360 ai are used to give the conversational bot dynamic and personalization capabilities, to make the experience effective, personalized, and valuable.

Providers allow you to give different answers to the same question, using a single Bold360 ai article based on a variety of parameters related to the customer inquiry.

The information is gathered based on the following types of resources, combined with inputs from the customer:

  • Dynamic Google Sheets table
  • Customer API information
  • Free API sources over the web
  • Information provided by the customer

A few examples where it can be used:

  • My nearest branch/store - pull information based on customer location
  • Currency conversion - pull information based on currency rates
  • Destination based promotions - pull recommendations on a specific location/holiday destination
  • Flight Reservations - pull recommendations for flights based on inquiry of the customer
  • Itinerary information - pull information from the organization API to get itinerary specific information based on identifying number
  • Order/Claim status - pull information from the organization API to get order/claim
  • Promotional offers - pull promotional offers based on campaign/destination selected/etc.

Provider types:

  • Bold360 ai has a few provider types that can be used - some are available out of the box and some need parameters of API information from the customer
  • Predefined Providers - predefined capabilities (*)
  • Price
  • Flight reservation
  • Depart Return Times
  • Currency conversion
  • Location identification

Advanced Providers - used to integrate with API or other advanced activities (*)

  • Advanced
  • Webhook
  • NodeJs
  • CSV Providers - used to retrieve information from a table based on a key value
  • CSV

(*) - These types of providers need support from the development team for configuration and adjustments.