What are Phrasings?

Sometimes one answer is suitable for various questions. Take the following example:

Answer: "To see more details, log in with your user name and password"

  • Question 1: "How do I see my account details?"
  • Question 2: "Where can I find my balance?"

You don't need to worry about that! Bold360 ai automatically learns additional phrasings to existing questions and does the thinking for you.

However, if you have additional phrasings in mind and you want to accelerate the learning process and optimize your contextual answers system, you can manually add additional phrasings to an existing Q&A.

The original Q&A will still remain the same and visible to your users. All you do is teach the knowledge base system to recognize other questions and give them the same answer.

How to add an additional phrasing to an existing question/answer

  1. Go to the Knowledge > Articles menu.
  2. Search for the question in your knowledge base.
  3. Once you have found the relevant question, click on it and click Phrasings next to the title of the article.
  4. Enter a new phrasing and click Add.
  5. Publish the article.

How to create good phrasings for your article?

  • Add synonyms. (For example: I want to buy tea: buy|porches|sell|stock|get etc.)
  • Do not add more than 5-10 phrasings per article. That will make precision less accurate.
  • Add keywords in your phrasings (from the previous example: tea).

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