Using Bold360 ai while your Chat Service is Offline

Customers that offer chat services to their website visitors can use Bold360 ai to provide instant customer service outside business hours and hence decrease the number of offline tickets.

When the chat service is offline, website visitors do not see a "Send us a message" form but are redirected to a Bold360 ai chat window where they can ask questions and get immediate answers. This feature is currently available for several chat providers.

To implement the chat service, do the following:

  1. Create an offline answer in your Knowledge Base similar to the example below: Question: Our chat service is currently unavailable. Answer: Type your question in the search field above to get instant answers.

    Tip: For better results, type a question with more than one word. If you don't find an answer, ask an Agent by Email.

  2. Set the answer as Offline, then Save or Publish the article. click the link to article option.
  3. Copy the link.
  4. Log into the LivePerson admin console and select your default offline survey.
  5. Edit your link by inserting the red link parts in it as shown below: ="
    account=Nanorep&kb=633763325358580000&referer= all #onloadquestionid=8830713 ";

  6. Place the link in your survey heading.