Ticketing System Overview

Using The Ticketing System

  1. In the left menu, click Ticketing.
  • Open tickets is the main interface for the ticketing system. When a customer escalates a question to an agent, it is added to Open. Open contains all new tickets (tickets that were not yet answered) and all non closed tickets.
    • New tickets- Tickets that were not yet answered. Those tickets can also be seen by using the 'New tickets' filter.
You can assign those tickets to agents, label them as you see fit or answer immediately.

You can use tickets rules to assign agents and/or add labels to tickets automatically.

The difference between 'Open tickets' and 'New tickets' is that 'Open tickets' also include tickets that were answered but not yet closed.
  • Unassigned shows all open tickets that aren't assigned to anyone.
  • All Tickets show all tickets history (not yet assigned/not yet answered, assigned, closed and open.)