Set agent permissions: Create or edit a permission group

Use permission groups to set the features and folders your agents can access. An agent's permissions depend on the rights and restrictions set for the group to which they are assigned.

  1. Create or edit a permission group, as follows:
    1. At, go to Organization > Permission groups. The Permission Group Management page is displayed.
    2. Select an existing permission group or click Create New.

    The New/Edit Permission Group page is displayed.

  2. Set permissions on the following tabs:
    Account settings Control access to important settings impacting your Bold360 implementation (for example, chat button HTML, rules engine, email signatures, and more).
    Actions Control access to Bold360 channels (chat, emails, messaging, remote access, co-browse, and more).
    Setup Control the ability to set up various Bold360 entities (for example, canned messages, categories, custom fields, chat buttons, invitations, and more).
    Folders Control the ability to manage folders.
    Departments Control group members' ability to see departments outside of their own.

    Not visible. Members can neither see nor transfer items to the department and its agents.

    Department Visible. Members can see and transfer items to the department, but not its agents.

    Agent Visible. Members can see and transfer items to the department and its agents.

  3. To make the permission group default for all subsequently created agents, click Set as default on the Account settings tab.
  4. Save your changes.
Remember: To assign an agent to permission groups, go to Organization > Agents > Agent Information.