• How to protect customer data (Data Obfuscation)
    Data obfuscation, also known as data masking, is a security feature that allows you to replace potentially sensitive data with generic characters to ensure that sensitive information is safe. You can set data (for example, credit card numbers, social security or personal ID numbers, telephone numbers) to be replaced by generic characters either in real-time or once the chat has ended.
  • Automatically log out, disable, or delete agents
    Login control settings allow you to manage agents who are away or inactive.
  • Force agents to regularly change their password
    Set a password policy that forces agents to set a new password regularly and according to requirements.
  • Set a policy for failed login and forgotten password requests
    Control how many times agents are allowed to fail login or request a new password.
  • Restrict customers' ability to chat or be monitored
    Gain control over who is able to chat with your organization.
  • Validating Chats, Visits and Conversions (Data Validation)
    Set Bold360 to validate all chats, visits and conversions. Use this feature to ensure that incoming chats originate from the website associated with the chat button and that chat and visit parameters provided by the customer cannot be viewed or modified by any third party. When customer monitoring and/or conversion tracking is enabled, this feature also ensures that the visit/conversion data originates from the website with the monitoring/conversion HTML code.
  • Data Retention Options
    Bold360 Plus subscribers can set Bold360 to automatically recycle or delete chat data.
  • Configuring Single Sign-On
    Single Sign-On (SSO) integration simplifies the sign-in process by providing access to multiple products with a single login. This feature integrates with your current SSO technology and is easily accessible though the Agent Workspace.