Route queued items to departments by Urgency

As part of your routing strategy, Urgency determines which queued chats will be assigned first.

Urgency can be applied in two ways:
  • At the department level as part of Automatic Distribution (AD)
  • At the chat level as part of the Chat Rules Engine (this prevails over department-level urgency)

Here is how to set Urgency for a department.

  1. Create or edit a department, as follows:
    1. At, go to Organization > Departments. The Department Management page is displayed.
    2. Select an existing department or click Create New.

    The New/Edit Department page is displayed.

  2. On the Automatic Distribution tab, choose a channel and click Override account-level distribution settings.
  3. Set urgency for this department under Messages queued for assignment.

    Incoming chats for a department with a higher urgency setting are distributed before those for a department with a lower setting. When departmental urgency is the same for multiple chats in the queue, agents receive the chat from the department for which they have the highest priority. Chat-level urgency prevails over department-level urgency.

  4. Save your changes.

To set urgency at the chat level, refer to the instructions for managing chats according to rules: Invite customers to chat according to rules (Invitation Rule Sets).