Invite customers to chat according to rules (Invitation Rule Sets)

Rules for automatically inviting customers to chat are set using Invitation Rule Sets.

To set up rule sets, you must be in a Permission Group with the following permission: Setup > Invitations > Invitation Rule Sets.

  1. Create or edit an invitation rule set, as follows:
    1. At, go to Customers > Invitation Rule Sets.
    2. On the Invitation Rule Sets page, select an existing item or click Create New.
    3. Under Name, enter a name that will help you identify the rule set.
    4. Enable the rule set.
    5. Optionally, select Show invitation even when agents are unavailable/offline to permanently display the invitation.
    6. Under Invitation Persistence, set when to stop showing the invitation.
  2. Add rules, as follows:
    1. Under Rules, click New Rule.
    2. Name the rule and define rule criteria.
    3. Save your changes. The rule is added to the rule set.
  3. Continue to add rules.
  4. Arrange the rules in the order they should be analyzed by Bold360.

    For each visit, rules are checked from top to bottom in the order displayed. The first matching rule is applied.

Your invitation rule set is ready to be associated an HTML snippet. Unless this association is made, your rule set is not applied.