Invitations and PIN entry

Control how customers are invited to interact with your agents.

  • Set up a chat invitation
    A chat invitation defines the actual interface seen by customers upon invitation. Invitations can be customized in a number of ways.
  • Invite customers to chat according to rules (Invitation Rule Sets)
    Rules for automatically inviting customers to chat are set using Invitation Rule Sets.
  • Invite customers to chat after a short delay (Instant Chat Invite)
    You can set Bold360 to automatically invite customers to chat after they are on your site for a set amount of time. This does not involve rule sets, so it is relatively quick and easy to configure.
  • Invite customers to chat after missing them (Chat Recovery)
    When agents are unavailable, customers may nonetheless click on a chat button without making real-time contact. When an agent becomes available, Bold360 can inform them that a customer who wanted to chat is still on the site (this is called recovery). The agent can then choose to invite the customer to chat.
  • Set up your PIN entry page for remote control or co-browse
    You can customize the Bold360 PIN invitation experience to match your company's branding and standards. An integrated PIN entry form behaves identical to, meaning your customers use it to contact an agent and enter the PIN that launches a remote access session.
  • Set up conversion tracking
    Use Bold360 to track conversion events so you can relate specific chats to actual sales or other milestones, such as new account created or page viewed, thus allowing you to track individual success as a basis for paying commissions.