Introducing Nanorep 3.0

Product - Release Notes for Nanorep 3.0

The latest version of Nanorep (Q1 2016 release) is packed with new enhancements and features that will make optimizing your customers' digital self service experience easier than ever and help you take it to the next level. Introducing Nanorep 3.0 Nanorep 3.0 upgrades the Experience Console with an abundance of new enhancements, including a redesigned navigation to make getting around easier and a completely revamped Dashboard that provides a clear snapshot of the most important self-service metrics. In response to an increasing demand for contextual guidance, we've upgraded our system to make it easier to add and modify article variations per relevant context. We've also given more power to Voices with improved analytics and the new Voices Inbox, bringing you enhanced visibility to clearly see what your customers are voicing and where your guidance needs optimization. The end user experience has also been greatly improved via a fully responsive skin and improved UI/UX, which offers consistent capabilities across all integration types. Customers will enjoy a smoother channeling experience, expandable guidance windows, the ability to share answers across social media, and much more.


Nanorep has a new side menu with a brand new look!

The new menu panel provides a simple and intuitive way to navigate the Experience Console with ease.

  • Dashboard is the default home screen.
  • Voices is where you will find what your customers are voicing.
  • Knowledge is where all your content is stored.
  • Guided journeys is where you will control how your customers experience Nanorep.
  • Channeling provides an easy way to set and deliver your channeling and engagement strategy.
  • Analytics is where you will find all the data and operational insights from your engagements.
  • Settings is where your admin can control your Nanorep account details and preferences.


The dashboard is the main focus of attention, it's where you will find all the Key performance indicators for your Nanorep account.

In a quick glance, you will be able to see the main gauges for what is happening, what's good, and what needs to be improved in your Nanorep implementation.

In the Top bar you will find the most common KPIs:

  • NanoEngagements is a visit in which Nanorep capability was utilized at least once by the visitor (such as typing a question or selecting an article) in order to fulfill the visitor's need. An engagement may include one or more NanoInteraction.
  • NanoInteractions is an interaction is defined as a visitor's attempt to get information prompting a Nanorep response.
  • Self Service Score reflects how many queries were resolved with self service. The Self Service Score is calculated by dividing The amount of NanoEngagements that are serviced without negative signals.
  • Digital Completion is a way to track the percentage of NanoEngagements that show a clear indication of having reached completion.
  • Channeling displays both high value and low value channeled requests providing a better, more action oriented metric.

In the new engagement graph you will find a visual walkthrough of your NanoEngagement statistics. Next to it, you can find the new Funnel that displays a funnel view of NanoEngagements, showing you how many users have been "converted".

For more information check out the new terminology on our support center:

The Nanorep glossary


Voices has completed its beta cycle, and now provides an even more comprehensive look at customer Voices. In addition, Voices now supports context along with new filters and the option to distinguish between Mobile and Desktop users.

The initial screen displays the top trending voices:

  • Red voices are voices that require attention for a fix, are missing information, or they have received significant amount of negative feedback.
  • Blue Voices are voices that haven't received any significant feedback.
  • Green voices are voices that have received a significant amount of positive feedback.

Answer Delivery:

One of the most powerful solutions Nanorep provides to the end user is a simple and easy guidance wizard for user inquiries.

The user interface has been significantly improved with a new, fully responsive skin that offers step by step guidance on the path to resolution.

It will also provide a consistent look & feel to the end user whether they are using a mobile phone, Tablet, PC and on all of the Nanorep interfaces, such as Floating widget, FAQs, Embedded widget and Support Center.

The new version will include the following functionalities:

Search Box

  • An option to add to the search box a list of the top articles as "FAQs" and run their title in a fade-in, fade-out mode.

Answer Box:

  • Visually enhanced view for distinguishing between article items, including transparency gradients and clear titles
  • New Feedback Area section, to prompt the user a text box asking for more feedback
  • We added a new Action Area to allow easy access to channeling, such as: link to chat, to submit a support ticket, or similar
  • New Sharing capabilities that will allow the user share the article either by sending the link to the article, sharing on Facebook or on Twitter

Article Editor:

As part of our new look and improved experience, we are adding a context-supported Variations panel that displays all the variations of an article with all the relevant contexts available.