How to integrate Salesforce chat

To integrate Salesforce with Bold360 ai, you must first get the deployment code in Salesforce and then set up the integration in the Bold360 ai Console.

Salesforce console settings

  1. Login to your Salesforce admin console, and go to Setup > Build > Customize > Live Agent > Deployments.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the name and title fields and click Save to get the deployment code.
  4. From the deployment code, note down all relevant information (Deployment Domain, Chat API Domain, Deployment Id, Organization Id).

  5. To get the Button Id, go to Chat Buttons and Automated Invitations in Salesforce Setup and extract the button ID from the Chat Button Code.

Bold360 ai console settings

  1. Log in to your Bold360 ai admin console, and navigate to Channeling > Channeling Policy.
  2. Click Add channel.
  3. Select Chat for Channel type.
  4. From the Select chat provider drop-down list, select Salesforce.
  5. Fill in the Deployment Domain, Chat API Domain, Button Id, Deployment Id, and Organization Id that you have copied from the Salesforce console.
  6. Optionally, define conditions for the chat button to be displayed. For more information on setting up conditions, see How do I define channeling policy?.