How do I view audit logs in the system?

In Bold360 ai, audit logs store information about changes made by users, or by an automatic process in the Bold360 ai back-end.

Currently the Bold360 ai audit logs are only available via an API. To export Bold360 ai audit logs, do the following:
  1. Create an API key in your Bold360 ai account to be able to use the Analytics API as described in How to create an API key?. The following is an example API call:

  2. ReplaceBold360 ai with your account name in Bold360 ai.
  3. Replace the API key with the API key code created in Step 1.
  4. You can define to export only specific events with the API. The following events are available:
    Event type ID
    None 0
    widget_common 1
    widget_embedded 2
    widget_floating 3
    widget_domain 4
    Facebook 5
    Re-channeling 10
    Ticketing 20
    Rules 21
    Signature 22
    SLA 23
    Support page 31
    Users and user groups (12207) 40
    API keys 50

API call for exporting specific events