How do I create labels and use them to search within the knowledge base?

Bold360 ai allows for filtering search results by using labels.

In most cases you will use labels and not keywords when you want to search by topic. Labeling a question means you are tagging a question to a specific topic. By doing so, you can filter search results by these topics / labels.

How to create a label

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base for creating a knowledge base label or click Tickets for creating a ticket label.
  2. Click the Label button in the upper toolbar.
  3. Click Create Label.
  4. Choose a label name, text color and background color. Click Save to create the label.

How to add/remove a label to an article or a ticket

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base for labeling the knowledge base or click Tickets for labeling tickets.
  2. First, create the labels you need.
  3. For labeling questions, mark the questions and click on "Label" or when inside an answer, click on the "Label" button.
  4. Select the label. You can select several labels by clicking on Select multiple...
  5. To remove a label for a question, click the Clear labels link or when inside an answer, click Label and remove the label.

How to filter by labels

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base for searching the knowledge base or click inbox for searching tickets.
  2. In the search field, enter the name of the label.
  3. Once you enter the label name, the system will then display the labeled option.
  4. Click the Labeled option to activate the search filter.You'll now see a list of Q&A results for this label.