How do I add a Bold360 ai widget to Salesforce?

  • Watch this step-by-step video.
  • Or follow these steps:
    1. Get the Bold360 ai Support Center widget code.
    2. Using admin privileges, log in to Saleforce.
    3. In Salesforce, click Setup and go to Develop > Pages > New.
    4. Enter the label and name.
    5. Paste the Bold360 ai code to the apex tag.
    6. Modify the code to have width of 100% and height of 400px.
    7. Add an attribute to the apex tab, as follows: < apex:page standardController="account" >
    8. Save your changes.

After adding the Support Center widget code to Salesforce, you must configure the layout of the page where you want to display Bold360 ai data.

Configuring the Page Layout

  1. Click Customize > Accounts > Page layouts and edit the relevant layout.
  2. Drag the section button to the relevant position.
  3. Enter the section properties.
  4. Select Visualforce Pages.
  5. Drag the Nanorep accounts element to the newly created section.
  6. Click on Properties in the new page section and enter the section properties.
  7. Save your changes.