How can I generate the Dynamic FAQ Widget to be filtered by using a label?

Filtering the Dynamic FAQ Widget by Topic

Bold360 ai allows to configure the FAQ (most popular questions) to filter items by a specific topic (label) or search term.

To create this filter, do the following:

  1. Add Dynamic FAQ Widgets; one for each topic / search term.
  2. Tag it to a specific label when adding the widget.

Adding Multiple Dynamic FAQ Widgets on the Same Page

Generate the script again for the relevant search filter or label, and implement it on the page as well.

Tagging the Dynamic FAQ Widget to Specific Labels / Search Terms

  1. Create a knowledge base label. Click here for instructions on how to create labels.
  2. Generate the Dynamic FAQ Widget. Click here for instructions on how to generate the Dynamic FAQ Widget.
  3. While generating the widget, choose the label name from the Label drop-down or fill in the search term in the Search filter field.
  4. Copy the Generated code for the filtered 'Dynamic FAQ' widget.