How can I generate my own reports in Bold360 ai?

Bold360 ai allows you to easily create your own custom reports to retrieve data regarding the traffic in Bold360 ai. You can select a wide range of fields to show in the report, grouped them, filter them by a certain criteria and more. To generate your own reports in Bold360 ai, do the following:

  1. In the Bold360 ai Console, go to Analytics > Reports.
  2. On Fields tab, select the fields that you want to include in your report. Move your mouse over a field to see more information.

    Note: You can select up to 15 fields for one report.

  3. On the Grouped by tab, select fields that will group your report data. For example if URL is chosen, the report will show you information grouped by URL.

    Note: You can select up to two fields to group your data.

  4. On the Filter by tab, select specific values to filter the attributes in the report.

    For example, if the report retrieves data regarding "Channeled type" in the filter tab, you can select to filter the "Channeled type" to show only a specific type of channel, such as "Chat".

  5. On the Sort by tab, select the sorting order of the report fields.
  6. Once all the attributes in the report are set, select the date range for the report and click Run to generate the report.

The report is displayed on the same page, and you can download it as a CSV or Excel file. The downloaded file contains a detailed report. If you want the summary view as presented on the screen, select Export view to Excel.

Note: Data in the reports is generated in UTC time zone.

To save the report for future use, click Save and define the name of the report.