Do you have tickets' rules?

Ticket rules are a set of conditions that allow you to automate different actions to occur once a ticket's trigger is activated and, this way, to add your business logic to the ticketing system. It is intended for routing tickets or ticket management purposes.

By providing a variety of triggers, conditions and actions, the Rule Engine allows you to tailor the ticketing system logic to your needs so that you can control labels, assign users, sending auto-responses and alert emails, and so on. Rules are meant to save you the time of doing those actions that follow the trigger repeatedly.

Here are some rules that can be easily added:

  • Send auto responses to your incoming emails
  • Assign incoming tickets to specific agents and department based on incoming ticket contents or subject
  • Send alerts when tickets are assigned to users, or change their status
  • Close or Reopen tickets based on activity

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A new campaign, let's call it 'new', has started. This campaign has its own agents handling all interactions regarding it. One of the first things you want to do is automatically assign all tickets regarding 'new' to the 'new' team.