Conversion tracking troubleshooting

If you cannot enable the conversion tracking script generated by Bold360 ai in your website, do the following.

  1. Go to Analytics > Tracking.
  2. Hover over your conversion tracking entry and click the Navicon menu (three lines).
  3. Select Configure.
Possible errors for the split test:

No traffic from conversion, No conversions yet.
  • Make sure your tracking code is correctly installed on your website conversion page.
  • Make sure your conversion code is posted in the post purchase page
  • Make sure you replace placeholders with valid numbers


<script type='text/javascript' 
  • revenue = Current sale revenue in your currency
  • orderid = Your order ID.
Split test set to 0%, Split test isn't running.

Solution: Set the split test percentage to a higher value. You can increase the split test percentage by selecting the required value from the Split test control group drop-down list in your journey's settings page.