Bold360ai API overview

The Bold360 ai API is based on HTTP and uses JSONP (JSON with Padding) for accessing cross-domain resources. The requests return a JSON object along with standard HTTP response codes, including error indication. When making an API request, make sure you send it over HTTPS; otherwise, it returns an error. API requests made without the correct authentication ( API KEY ) will also fail.

When creating an API key, make sure you include the necessary permission settings and IP ranges before clicking Save.

Note: For troubleshooting and exception handling, the JSON response body indicates the error.
Tip: Visit our official API guide for a list of queries and parameters.


An API key is a unique identifier that is used for authenticating your requests. It is possible to generate multiple API keys with different permissions for security reasons. Make sure you keep the API keys secret. See the guide on generating an API key for details.

Session Management

The Bold360 ai API Base URL is the following:

Certain requests must include your specific account preceded with the tilde sign ( ~ ):

A number of API queries require new sessions to be created in order to perform the request. The session creation process generates a session ID which has to be assigned to the given request.

If you are making batch requests, it is also possible to close the specific session ID, or to keep it alive for the duration of time used.

Note: All search and voice analytics are processed when a session ends.

The following API requests require a session:

  • Search
  • Auto Complete
  • Get Article By Id
  • Set Context & Form values
  • Report Channeling(session)
  • Report feedback (Like/Dislike)
  • Increment article statistics
  • Session keep-alive
  • Close a session
  • Track Event
  • Translate text
  • Request contact form file upload
  • Get Ticket Info