Bold360ai 3.74 release notes

Conversational Widget for Web

A conversational web widget has been released for beta. It can be deployed in a floating widget or a side widget container. In order to deploy such a widget, you will need to contact your Customer Success to enable conversation at the KB level and deploy a slim widget code. Then you can personalize the widget by selecting a Modern skin and a Conversational mode in the floating widget configuration. Then define the conversation details over here. Finally if content has different visibility settings for conversational touch-points you can specify this behaviour on the article options tabs or on the all articles page.

Promotional Articles for Side widget

You can now leverage the real estate in the side widget for promotions, alerts or any content you want to highlight. This feature works only in Slim widget and can be enabled in the widget configuration.

Persistent Channeling Bar in widgets

If as per customer service strategy you would like to offer channeling at all times, not just after information is searched, the action bar (i.e. channeling) can be presented in the side widget at all times.

You can enable this in the widget settings under widget settings, in the advance tab, by checking the Persistent Channeling Bar box. The statistics of these channeling will be available in reporting and in the executive dashboard.


In the guidance studio, CSS changes can be applied centrally to all steps instead of configuring each step separately.

New Version of CKeditor - our WYSIWYG Editor

We have migrated to the new version of the CKeditor. This allows us to gradually release new capabilities. To start out with:

  • There is now an option to expand the article and show it full screen.
  • Once in full screen mode scrolling a long article, the top menu bar stays at top of the page.

Bold360 ai User Assistance in the Console

Gradually self help capabilities within the console are enhanced:

  • The Bold360 ai support center can be opened within the console.
  • A guide me button on selected pages, that will offer you tips on the variety of tools.
  • Edit tooltip for context header page in "Read our tutorial" link.

Site Map XML Support

XML sitemaps are important for SEO because they make it easier for Google to find your site's pages, and in so increase their pages rank.

In order to deploy the sitemap and index articles follow the steps below:

  1. Tick 'Show article in sitemap.xml'. By default all support center topics and all articles under these topics will then be indexed. The sitemap xml will add all (and only) the navigation and homepage labels pages, and will drill down and show all the children labels up to 3 levels. In order to index additional scope, please contact your Customer Success representative.
  2. In case you want to avoid indexing specific articles:
    • Tick the robots.txt option on the support center configuration.
    • Tick Do not index this article, i.e.turn it on. Then the article should not be displayed on sitemap.xml and it will be displayed in robots.txt.

While this is the generic starting point for new support centers, to enable these capabilities in your existing support center please contact your Success manager.

Conversational Editor In Console

The Conversational editor allows to create conversational flows. It can now be added to a special tab in the article editor called Conversational.

Please note in order to enable this you need to contact the Bold360 ai support team.

Key features for using the Conversational editor:

  • To enable this feature at an article level check the "Enable Conversational Editor" checkbox at the conversation tab. Once ticked the user cannot update the article in the regular content tab. If disable conversation is ticked then the Json editor is disabled, article can be edited regularly.
  • The buttons' "Title" and "Body" are mandatory.
  • "Load from Json" takes the article's HTML automatically and insert it to the Json editor.

Expire On / Publish On system labels

"Expire On" and "Publish On" system labels have been added. This will allow you to easily filter articles that have expired, are planned to expire, are planned to go live.

Reporting and Analytics

Added "Apply" button to voices filter

To view voices associated to specific context types and values, select the criteria and then click apply. Only after clicking on "apply" the voices presentation will be affected. This improves the UX of the dashboard and its technical efficiency.

User ID in Reporting

The field of "User ID" is now available. This allows to view all interactions performed by each user, for users that have cookies.

Ticketing UX and Analytics

  1. Tickets are opened by default at the bottom of screen. A new button that enables a quick jump to the top of the page.
  2. In Analytics, under SLA page, we the "Label Statistics" the column of all tickets is not sensitive to the time period selected.


  1. In the reports page, the user's context used to show the same results as the article context. This is now resolved, as each field shows the relevant results.
  2. Guidance icon was not shown via support center navigation.
  3. In the all articles page, the icon showing number of variations per article disappeared.
  4. Some Labels in tickets were not correct.
  5. CKeditor buttons presentation is bugged, not shown in a row.
  6. Guidance starting point is not updated when viewing in different revisions.
  7. One incident of autosave functionality activated when no changes were made.
  8. Contact form tab disappeared when using low screen resolutions.
  9. The labels search in reports searched for the specific labels string (containing all labels separated by commas), not the label with other combinations of labels. For example, if the article contained both labels "Batman" and "superman", and user searched for label "Batman", he would not have found it.This was fixed - Now, search for a specific label will show articles containing that label regardless of other labels (OR instead of AND).
  10. URL in reporting appeared corrupted, this is now fixed.
  11. No re-connection attempts when client's connection is lost.
  12. Bugs in article localization.
  13. Need to refresh Support Center Settings page after adding new label.
  14. search for an article with no context present the context choice bar
  15. Error received when using Auto question (on load)
  16. Autocomplete is not refreshing when query is deleted on iphone.
  17. The autolink in the widget doesn't automatically redirect you to a new page if only the one answer has been delivered.
  18. Context key and value send twice to the server.
  19. Guide starting point isn't updated when viewing revisions - fixed.
  20. Revert guidance requires select guidance although it already selected.
  21. In the article editor, when selecting Bold360 ai answer in a link, suggestion box doesn't expand when browsing articles - fixed.
  22. In ticket, when replying, user have to scroll down in order to add a new comment - fixed.
  23. Rich text message, number of unread messages not updated when user reads all messages. Fixed.
  24. Can't open published article from Publish center in firefox browser. Fixed.
  25. Bug in revert version in article editor.
  26. Error when trying to fix a red voice.
  27. Performance and general improvements.