Bold360 for administrators

Build your Bold360 organization.

To use Bold360 as an administrator, log in at
Remember: If you log in using a BoldChat account, contact your account manager or sales representative for assistance accessing Bold360.

Getting Started Guide

This guide will walk you through several key steps to set up your Bold360 account and will familiarize you with important functions of the Admin Center:


Bold360 uses Automatic Distribution. Unassigned items are not shown in Bold360. If you formerly used BoldChat, note that agents cannot "pull" incoming items; they can only work on items that have been automatically assigned to them.

Browser requirements:
  • For best results, use the latest version of Chrome
Customer operating system requirements for remote access:
  • Windows 7 or above
  • OS X 10.9 or above

For co-browsing requirements, see Start a co-browse session.

  • Agent management
    Build your organization by adding and managing agents.
  • Department management
    Departments are used to group agents and distribute chats.
  • Permission Group management
    Permission Groups allow you to define the features, functionality and folders agents can access.
  • Websites
    Set up websites to help track the origin of visits and manage business hours.
  • Chat setup
    Set up your chat channel: chat buttons, chat windows, automatic distribution, and more.
  • Email setup
    Set up your email channel: account setup, automatic distribution, rules, and more.
  • Messaging setup
    Set up your messaging channels: SMS and Facebook Messenger.
  • Bold360 ai setup
    Bold360 ai offers customers chatbot-enabled self-service and introduces Smart Advisor, which provides agents with the best possible answers to customer questions during chat. The chatbot handles customer queries and provides a consistent front-line customer care experience. This way, Bold360 ai delivers the best of both chatbots and agents to solve customer issues.
  • Invitations and PIN entry
    Control how customers are invited to interact with your agents.
  • Customize the agent workspace
    Control the agent experience at
  • Security
  • List of cookies used by Bold360
    Bold360 cookies track the actions associated with a website customer's activity on this website to allow the website owner to provide accurate, helpful and feature-rich web chat features.
  • Monitoring your Organization (Dashboard)
    Bold360 Plus subscribers can use the Dashboard to view a summary of account activity from anywhere – desktop, tablet, or phone.
  • Troubleshooting Bold360
    A checklist of the most common communication issues when logging in to Bold360.
  • Additional information
    As a manager or administrator, you should be aware of the following additional features and information when working with Bold360.