Bold360 ai 4.52 release notes

Separate user roles for editing and publishing articles

As of this release, users in Account Watcher role who also have write permission can only create draft articles but cannot publish those, which essentially makes them content managers. Due to this change, the following should be noted:

  • Existing users in Account Watcher role will not be able to publish articles.
  • The introduced changes must be clarified for new users in Account Watcher role.

Enhancements for Geofluent users

The following improvements have been added in this release:

  • Customers can switch between viewing the original bot or agent message, and the translated version of the message provided by Geofluent. By using the toggle displayed above the input filed at the bottom of the widget, customers can check the original message in case of unclear translations. Currently, this toggle is always switched on.
  • FAQs in the chat widget are now auto-translated.
  • When a bot chat is transferred to a Bold360 live agent, the prior bot conversation is visible in the chat history in both the customer's and the bot's language. Chat transcripts also contain both language versions of the bot communication. To view chat history, log in to the Bold360 Agent Workspace and click the arrow in thetop left corner of the agent workspace above your list of sessions.

Image gallery enhancement

The image gallery may now contain 10 cards.

See the new features that the previous release introduced: