Attachment Option in Contact Form

When you configure a Contact Form for your customers to send their details to your agents, you can include an "Add attachment" option.

  1. In the Bold360 ai Console, go to Channeling > Contact Forms.
  2. Select which Knowledge Base, URL or domain you are making this change. The default setting is Master Settings, which we recommend you choose, as it ensures that your changes take effect across all your domains and URLs.
  3. On the Popular Forms tab, click the form you want to display within your widget.

    For more information about customizing your contact form and the specified fields, see here.

  4. Click the pencil icon under your selected contact form. The Customize Contact Form dialog is displayed, as shown below.

  5. Click Add new field, and browse to a file that you want to upload. A new customizable field is added to your contact form.
  6. Click Label Here and edit it as necessary. For example, you can change it to read Attach File or Upload Attachment.
  7. Click the down arrow on the right to display further configuration options, as shown below.

    In this screenshot, Label Here has been customized to read Attach file.

  8. In the fields displayed, you can specify the maximum number of files that a customer can upload, the type of file a customer is permitted to attach, the maximum size of any one specific file, and whether the file attachment field is automatically displayed.
  9. Click Save changes on the Preview pane and then click OK.

    The change is made instantaneously in the widget on your website.