Add an agent

Add an agent to your account. Set their name, email and password; define services they can use and choose languages they can support.

  1. At, click Organization > Agents.
  2. On the Agent Management page, click Create New.
  3. Name the agent:
    Option Description
    Agent name The agent's proper name. Customers do not see this name.
    Chat name The agent's name as seen by customers.
    Initials Up to three characters. For Bold360 Plus accounts using Twitter, this uniquely identifies tweets.
  4. Set email info and options:
    Option Description
    Email address The agent's email address to which transcripts and other messages from Bold360 will be sent. It is also used to reset a forgotten password.
    Receive own transcripts Email the agent a transcript after each of their own chats.
    Receive emails with tips and tricks Email the agent regular tips and tricks.
  5. Set the agent's User Name.

    This is the name the agent uses to log in to Bold360. Customers do not see this name.

  6. Set the agent's Password.

    Minimum of eight characters, containing only letters and numbers, and without repeating the same character three times in a row.

  7. Set the channels that the agent can handle.
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Messaging
  8. Select and prioritize Languages that the agent speaks.

    If you select multiple languages for an agent then the following determines which language is used in a chat session:

    • The language that matches the customer’s language
    • The language for which auto translation to the customer’s language is available
    • If an agent transfers a chat to a department or the whole organization then the agent with the highest customer language skill is selected
  9. Save your changes.