Activate a Facebook Messenger chat

To work with a Facebook Messenger chat, click it on the left side of the workspace under Messages.

Note: This feature is only available for Bold360 Plus and Bold360 ai subscribers.
  • To be able to accept messages, make yourself available on the left panel.

  • To activate a message, look under Messages and click a Facebook message.

    Tip: The chat at the top of the list may be the most urgent (newest).

    The message opens in a new swimlane in the workspace to the right and is ready to work with.

  • A red spot tells you that the customer is waiting for a response.
  • To transfer a chat to another team member, click Transfer at the bottom of the chat panel.

    You are prompted to select an agent or department. Select the receiving agent or department and click Transfer.

  • Options while working with a message:
    • View customer information and history: When the message is minimized, click Show info; when maximized, click the Customer info button at the top of the workspace.

      Tip: We recommend prompting the customer for their email. The customer's email allows Bold360 to connect the customer to their history across all channels (chat, email).
    • Show custom integrations: Maximize the message. Custom integrations are displayed at the top of the workspace.