Access Optional Features

Access to many of the features and tools within the GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert and Customer applications is dependent upon your account's configuration. If you do not see or are unable to use one of the features listed below, it may not be enabled for your account.

Please contact your team manager or Customer Care to inquire about the specific configuration for your account.

Web-based chat features

Chat box and Viewer features

Optional HelpAlert application features

  • View the portal name in the List View.
  • Retrieve system diagnostic information from the customer's computer.
  • View all categories of remote diagnostic information (categories are configurable).
  • Include the system diagnostics in the session recording.
  • Switch between "Available" and "Not Available" mode.
  • Modify the preferences for "Not Available" mode.
  • View system diagnostics immediately once the customer joins the session.
  • View the "End of Session" message.

Optional session transfer and collaboration settings

  • Transfer support sessions to another representative.
  • Include the previous chat log when transferring sessions.
  • Invite other representatives to join the session as well (i.e., session collaboration).