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Admin Center

I'm a brand new account admin. What should I do first?

Step #1: Set up your account

Step #2: Add users and manage their settings

How do I add a user or multiple users?

Most account admins manually add users via the Admin Center, either individually or by using a bulk list for a batch import of users.

Alternatively, for admins that manage an organization with a large number of users or accounts with a high user turnover, we recommend using automated provisioning instead.

How do I add a user to my account if I don't have any available seats?

If all product seats on your account are in use, you must add more licenses to your account in order to add new users.

To add more seats, click Add Licenses in the left navigation of the Admin Center at, or log in to the Billing Center at (if you are the billing contact for your account) to change your subscription plan .

I am seeing that the email address I added is already in use.  What should I do?

The user you are trying to add already has a LogMeIn account. As an admin, there are no actions you can take on behalf of the user. You must contact the user whose account already exists in the system and they can choose from the following options:

  • Ask the user to contact their previous account admin to request to be removed from that account
  • Ask the user to contact Customer Care by clicking Call Support at the bottom of this article to verify information and migrate their account

How do I transfer a seat from one email address to another?

Admins can transfer a license to another user, and the steps will vary depending on whether you want to retain the user's upcoming events, account history, and general settings:

Alternatively, admins can also choose to remove a user's roles and access to all product to suspend their account, which will keep them listed as an account user but also frees up their product licenses to be allocated to a new or existing user.

I need to change or reset a user's account password. How do I do that?

Unfortunately, admins do not have the ability to reset or change a user's account password in the Admin Center. Account password changes must occur by signing in to the user's My Account profile at and changing within Sign In & Security in the left navigation.

If the user is no longer with the company, and you want to keep the account history but cannot log in to the user's account, please contact Customer Care by clicking Call Support at the bottom of this article for further assistance.

Can I view a user's upcoming meetings, webinars, trainings, or access their past session recordings?

Admins can run a report to view scheduled meetings or trainings for upcoming sessions. At this time, viewing scheduled webinars or OpenVoice conferences for organizers is not available.

Past session recordings are only available to the organizers who hosted the recorded sessions – either saved locally or within the organizer's meeting history, based on the user's account preferences.

Can I access another agent's past support session recordings?

Admins can manage session recording access for all agents, and select whether all agents can access all session recordings within the account or limit their access to only their own session recordings.


As an admin, can I change a user's account password?

Using the Admin Center

Manually Add Users to Your Account

Delete Users

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