View Webinar Analytics (Classic)

Webinar analytics are a type of report available to organizers that allows you to view high-level data and analytics of your webinar history in easy-to-read charts and stats! You can either see analytics for all of your webinars at once, or get details on a specific session. After each webinar, organizers will receive an email that gives an overview of the activity that occurred during the session (attentiveness, attendees and interest rating) and a link to the Webinar Analytics page.

Topics in this article:

View overall broadcasting data

View analytics for a specific session


View overall broadcasting data

1. Log in at

2. Access the page in any of the following ways:

  • Click Insights in the left navigation.
  • Click Webinar History in the left navigation, then click View broadcasting data at the top of the page.
  • Go directly to

3. Once the "Your broadcasting data" page opens, you will see a page of charts and lists that explain the history of past webinars. You can then do the following:

(a) Change date range: Customize your list of webinars by changing the date range.

(b) Webinar details: Hover over the session for a brief description of the webinar.

(c) Search for specific webinars: Search for a specific webinar by typing in the webinar name.

(d) Print or download chart: Download the chart as a picture or print it for external use.

(e) Customize the fields in the webinar history list: Select or de-select webinar ID, registrants, attendees, start date & time, and end date & time to show just the details you are look for.


View analytics for a specific session

This Webinar Analytics Report shows high-level statistics on the session from start to finish, including attendance time, attentiveness, interest rating, poll responses, Q&A answers, and more. In this report, users can download and print charts by clicking the Options icon , customize the visible fields by clicking the Down Arrow icon , and get access to details of the webinar.

Note: You can also get this data by generatinga report and selecting "Webinar analytics" under Report Type.

1. Go to the Your Broadcasting Data page (as described in View overall broadcasting data).

2. Click one of the past webinars listed at the bottom of the page.

3. Once the specific Webinar Analytics Report opens up, you will see a page of lists and charts that explain the details of the webinar. You can then view the following information:

(a) Average time in session: The average time your attendees stayed in session.

(b) Average attentiveness: The average percentage your attendees had the GoToWebinar Viewer as their primary screen.

(c) Average interesting rating: The average rating of attendee's interest during the webinar (attendee's interactions via polls, surveys, etc.) The interest rating formula can be found here.

(d) Average poll response: The average percentage your attendees responded to polls.

(e) Attendance funnel: A chart showing how many users clicked on the registration link, registered, and attended.

(f) Attendees in session: A chart showing the number of attendees that joined and left in time brackets of 5 minutes.

(g) Registrants: Details of the registered attendees, including first and last name, registration date & time, and status (e.g., approved).

(h) Attendees: Details of attendees who participated in the webinar, including first and last name, email, and time in session.

(i) Polls: Details of the questions asked and the percentage of answers given.

(j) Q&A: Details of the questions asked, who asked the questions, and answers.