Configure Default Webinar Settings (Classic)

You can change various settings that affect the way your webinars are scheduled and run using the Settings page on your web account. These settings will apply to all session that you schedule.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.


Change the default audio settings

Each time you schedule a new session, it will automatically use the default audio settings configured for your account (but you can change them for each specific session, as needed). See Set Default Audio Options (Classic) to learn more about changing your default audio settings.


Manage recordings

You can record any session and then store the recording for attendees to view at a later time. When a session is recorded, the presenter's screen, the audio conference and any shared applications are included.

As an organizer, you can start recording all webinars automatically and set how you want to save your recording (online vs. local recording).


Enable Staff webcams

You can use high-definition video conferencing to meet face-to-face with your other session participants. Up to 6 different webcams can be shared during a session!

As an organizer, you can enable Staff members to share their webcams during webinars.


Record a Session (Classic)

Manage Preferences for the Desktop App (Windows)

Manage Preferences for the Desktop App (Mac)