Can I automatically record my webinar? (Classic)

Yes. You can choose to automatically record all future Classic and Webcast webinars by default, or enable/disable it for one specific webinar at a time.

Enable/disable for all future webinars

You can do this from the Settings page.

1. Log in to your account at

2. Click Settings and then select the Recording tab.

3. Select On under Auto-record, then click Save.

Enable/disable for a specific webinar

You can enable or disable (if you have the auto-record setting "on") a specific webinar by editing the webinar details.

1. Log in at Then schedule a classic or webcast webinar.

2. Open the Manage Webinar page and select Edit under "Auto-record".

3. Select On, then click Save.


1. Start the webinar.

2. Enable the "Record on start" checkboxfound at the top of the Control Panel. Recording will begin automatically once broadcast is started.