Use Drawing Tools (Desktop App)

Participants can use drawing tools to draw directly on the shared screen so that the marks are visible to all attendees. This allows participants to highlight areas of the screen, draw attention to certain parts and generally illustrate their point. Organizers and presenters can allow only other organizers or all attendees to draw on the shared screen.

Note: Drawing tools are not available for Macs running v7.14.1, b4670 or earlier of the desktop app.

Topics in this article:

Use drawing tools

Enable/disable drawing tools for an individual

Erase all drawings


Use drawing tools

  1. Click the Drawing Tools button in the Grab Tab.
  2. Use the menu to select the desired drawing tool (pen , highlighter , spotlight or arrow ). You can also change the pen color, if desired.
  3. Click and drag the mouse over your desktop to start drawing on the shared screen.


Enable/disable drawing tools for an individual

  1. Right-click the participant's name in the Attendee pane.
  2. Click Allow Drawing.
    • When drawing tools are enabled for the user, a Check icon will appear next to Allow Drawing. The attendee can click and drag the mouse over the Viewer to make their drawings appear on the shared screen for all participants.
    • When drawing tools are disabled for the user, the Check icon will disappear.


Erase all drawings

  1. Click the Drawing Tools button in the Grab Tab.
  2. Click Erase all drawings. All drawings done by any participant will immediately disappear.


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