Active Directory Connector v2 Overview

Most companies use Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to automate changes for user identities and application privileges. The Active Directory Connector (ADC) receives Active Directory user updates and automatically makes the same changes in your LogMeIn account. The ADC accesses all users in selected AD groups containing LogMeIn users and all users in any subgroups. All new users are added to one of your validated company email domains in the Admin Center's SCIM* service.

* SCIM is the System for Cross-domain Identity Management that defines how user identities are managed across multiple systems, generally over the Internet.

Steps for setting up the Active Directory Connector v2 and managing users in User Sync:

  1. Review the Active Directory Connector v2 Overview
  2. Review the Active Directory Connector v2 requirements
  3. Set up an organization
  4. Install the ADC v2
  5. Configure the ADC v2
  6. Run the ADC v2
  7. Manage custom attributes (optional)
  8. Manage User Sync rules
  9. Update the ADC v2 to the latest version (if applicable)
  10. Troubleshoot the ADC v2 (if needed)