Sync meeting history in Salesforce

GoToMeeting history data is synchronized with Salesforce once every 24 hours at a time set by your Salesforce admin. Any GoToMeeting organizer in Salesforce can do a manual sync at any time to update their own meeting history.

The sync process brings over session duration and attendee information for meetings that have been started at least once. If you try to sync a meeting that has never been started, you get the message, ‘No session exists.’

To manually sync your meeting history:

1. In Salesforce, open one of the following tabs: Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities.

2. Click the name of the event to view the Event Detail page.

3. Click Sync Meeting History.

4. You are asked to confirm the sync. Click OK.

Following the sync, the Meeting History section of your event is populated with attendee information, such as name, email address (if provided by the attendee), time at which attendees joined and left the meeting, and the total duration of the session.

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